One of our Social Media Managers, Lilla Fodor, recently took a trip to the newly revitalized Hogg’s Falls area. Read on for her insider’s scoop on all the improvements to this popular hiking area.

Words and pictures: Lilla Fodor

Follow us on a hike through our new reroute at  Hogg’s Falls….

The first of two unbelievable bridges!

Over the bridge the boardwalks continue.

Little bits of boardwalk over wet spots. 

And more boardwalk!

Excuse us as we show more photos of boardwalk but it just goes on and on!

Notice how the boardwalk is built around the trees, no trees were harmed in the building of these boardwalks.

Bridge #2!

A view of the Boyne we’ve never seen before.

And the reroute continues on the other side with newly built steps! After all we are in Beaver Valley so there must be a hill or two involved.

Where the new trail joins the old trail with part of the old main now the new East Back Line ST [sic: side trail] to access roadside parking.

We took the road around to the other new side trail, the South Boardwalk ST, which comes out at the southernmost bridge.

Our amazing volunteers even built us benches out of old lumber! 

Back on the old route, this used to be the main to the right going out to the road, it’s now part of the Lower Valley ST, soon to be renamed the Uplands Meadow ST (all signs yet to come).

Pretty pretty violets along the first floor 💜 .

 Of course we can’t go past Hogg’s Falls without taking a photo.

Our route using the road corner to double back and an extra loop on the existing trails to return to the parking lot.

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