The Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club has many options for independent hiking and organized group hikes. For some suggested independent hikes, please check out our “Earning Badges” page under the independent hikes tab. If you are interested in joining our organized hikes, please check the Hiking Schedule and select “Beaver Valley” to display all the organized hikes available in the Beaver Valley section.

Already have a hiking destination in mind, but not sure how to get your car from point A to point B? The Trail Angels can help! Trail Angels are volunteers who can shuttle you from your vehicle (parked at your hiking endpoint) to the start point of your hike. Trail Angels volunteer their time and gasoline with the expectation that riders make a donation to the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club to help us to continue the work we do to maintain our trail.

For questions on parking while you are hiking, please navigate to our “Parking” page for more information and tips. Or if you are planning on through-hiking, the “Where to Stay” page may be helpful.