Bruce Trail trailhead parking consists of roadside parking and BTC parking areas

Parking to access some of the more popular Beaver Valley Bruce Trail hikes has become much more challenging in recent years. Municipalities have imposed new “No Parking” restrictions in a variety of locations. Additionally, pay parking areas have been expanded. Much of the parking information in the most recent Bruce Trail Reference is now significantly out of date.

The best source of up-to-date parking information is the Bruce Trail app. It is also possible to check on parking-related changes by going to and searching on the relevant map number.

Here are some of the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club’s best practices and suggestions:

  • Please park with consideration for local residents and farmers by: only parking on one side of roads, and leaving ample room for farm vehicles to access laneways and entrances to farm fields.
  • Be sure that your vehicle is off the travelled portion of the road.
  • At popular times (long weekends, fall colour season) parking areas may be full, so have a backup plan (e.g. alternate hike location/excursion).
  • In winter, parking areas may not be plowed and snow windrows often limit on-road parking – have a back-up plan.
  • Carpool!

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is seeking to find or create new parking opportunities for hikers. A new parking lot should be opening in the Beaver Valley section in mid-2023, and another is awaiting government approvals.