Falling Water Event. June 3, 2023

Contributor: Glenda Collings

After being unable to join the Falling Water event organizational team on the ground, for the first time
since I’ve been involved, I was able to experience the fun and camaraderie through photos and texts as
the day progressed. It was a unique and positive way to see individual stories develop during the event
and to be reminded that Beaver Valley members and our hiking guests are an integral part of what
makes the Bruce Trail special. Each person involved has their own reason for being there, whether it be
to support the club by volunteering, to experience a new part of the Bruce Trail or to challenge
themselves to conquer this rugged part of the valley in record time. Let’s dive in.

Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla/Kristina/Anhong

Looking pretty fresh before the hike. What friendships may develop on the trail? Who will find
themselves being tested and pass the test with extra effort and perseverance?

Falling Water 2023 Credit: J. Galloway
Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla/Kristina/Anhong

Judy checks off mom and daughter, Teresa and Shyann, at Checkpoint #1

An inspiring story, and and good news for the future of the Bruce Trail, in Teresa’s own words: 

“I began hiking the trail in the middle of the pandemic, when restrictions were being loosened. I have always been curious about the trail and thought it was a good opportunity to finally tackle it and make it a goal to complete. I started in Niagara and completed that section alone one weekend. Shy joined me for a portion of the Iroquois section and this sparked a love of hiking for her.

Since then, Shy has completed the Toronto section, the Caledon, the Dufferin and the Blue Mountains sections with me. Our next challenge was the BV section and thus we joined the FW hike. I thought it would be a great way to be more social and challenge ourselves.

“I love the outdoors and being in nature and have tried to pass that love on and teach the benefits of forest bathing to the kids.

“When I asked Shy why she decided to join me on the hikes she said, ‘I want to push myself to my limits and I like to spend time together.’  We usually take a little more time on our hikes because we’re busy chatting, singing, exploring and enjoying the sights.  The FW was her longest hike thus far and she loved it. It was wonderful to see her recognise that she is strong, can do hard things and is capable of pushing herself beyond what she expected.”

Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla/Kristina/ Anhong

Who is that masked volunteer at Checkpoint #3? A rugged trail AND a plethora of mosquitoes, what
more can you ask for? That’s dedication, but don’t stand still too long. “We could have sold a lot of
insect repellent” (as reported by Jennie, Checkpoint#2)!

Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla, Kristina, Anhong

You don’t need to know someone well in order to support them and develop a rapport on the trail.
Tariq, a newcomer, joined Lilla, a regular, who knows the trail so well, and the two of them experienced
a very successful day together. Welcome to the Beaver Valley Tariq!

Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla/ Kristina/Anhong

Kristina presents a well earned badge to Kevin, who ate up the trail in record time. That’s a satisfied

Falling Waters 2023 Credit: Lilla/Kristina/Anhong

Nothing like a cheerful welcoming smile and some refreshments to finish off your day! Thanks An & Joe.

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