My name is Maggie Murakami and I am excited to be one of this year’s Trail Ambassadors in the Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail.  

I’m 23 and have a degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Studies and Politics from Trent University in Peterborough, ON.  I grew up spending lots of time outdoors with my family and have always loved hiking and camping.  I grew up in Grey County and this is my second season working in the Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail. I know the area well and am looking forward to continuing to explore it further.

I have always been fascinated by the environment, which led me to pursue environmental studies in university.  While I was in school, I was able to learn more about environmental policy and how policy contributes to environmental conservation and protection, and was able to tailor my degree to focus on environmental policy more specifically.  Prior to the start of this season, I was working at City Hall in Owen Sound, where I worked on developing the City’s Climate Action Strategy.  I really enjoyed the hands-on experience working on the environmental governance side of things, but I must admit that I am very excited to be getting back outside and back on the Trail this summer!

I’m looking forward to another great season on the Trail – if you see us out there, don’t hesitate to come say hi!

Welcome Summer hiking season! My name is Aaron Holden and I am one of your Beaver Valley Bruce trail Ambassadors. I am an elementary school teacher who has extensive hiking and camping experience. The Bruce Trail feels like a second home for me as much of my previous summer experience has been around Grey county. In 2016 myself and a small team completed a consecutive end to end hike of the Bruce trail. In forty days we covered all nine sections while raising money to send children to camp. 

This event kicked off a passion for hiking and local discovery. I am happy to return this summer to the Bruce Trail after a year of hiking out of the country. Last year I hiked Thru Hiked the Appalachian trail with my partner covering the entire 2194.3 miles in just over 5 ½ months. This experience is life changing and built on a deep appreciation for the natural environment. The winter months are what I consider the painting season. Most evenings I will sit with my acrylics working on what is most likely a scenic landscape from the year before. Please come say hello whenever you get the chance.

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