Keith Solomon Award Celebrates
Our Hardworking Trail Captains and Crews!

Keith Solomon Award. Bronzed work boot mounted on wood base with bronze plaques affixed, inscribed with annual award winners
Photo credit: Marg Yaraskavitch, 2015.

Fifty two years ago, Keith Solomon of Meaford was inspired to support the development of the Bruce Trail along the length of the Beaver Valley. He motivated other volunteers to join him in blazing the trail.

In 1995, the Keith Solomon Award was established in his honour to celebrate an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the improvement or preservation of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley. His wife, Marguerite, offered one of his boots which, bronzed and mounted on a base, became the Keith Solomon Award for the past 25 years.

This year we recognize the unsung heroes who over time or for certain periods contribute significantly to the trail we love so much. Included would be: the individuals, couples and families who for years have quietly looked after their own piece of the ribbon of wilderness -- and the trail workers who without fail and fanfare can be counted on when the call goes out for volunteers, for a flying squad to build a bridge, complete a reroute or whipper-snip someone els’’s trail -- and the chain sawyers who literally risk life and limb every time they respond to another plea to remove a tree that is threatening other hikers’ safety.

Congratulations to all our Trail Captains and Trail Workers of the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club who as a group are the recipients of the 2020 Keith Solomon Award. Our trails are recognized throughout the BTC corridor as some of the best maintained and most beautiful of all. The hours of hard work are so appreciated, our Club thanks you.

The Boot will be on display at the Kimberley General Store and the Ravenna Country Market ready for picture taking opportunities.

Keith Solomon Award Recipients

2020 Trail Captains and Trail Maintenance Crews
2019 John Burton
2018 Mike Osborn
2017 Joan Nuffield & Bob Hann
2016 Ros Rossetti
2015 John Hollingsworth
2014 Christine Blake & Richardson Family
2013 Jim Horwood
2012 32 Combat Engineer Regiment
2011 Will Overton
2010 Bill McMurray & Fred Young
2009 John McCullam
2008 Joëlle Martin
2007 Ron Spotton
2006 Jack Morgan
2005 Beaver Valley Ski Club
2004 Linda Murray
2003 Shirley & Fred Young
2002 Ann Lis & Jim Couse
2001 Ruth & Bruce Calvert
2000 Chuck Grant
1999 Martin Siegerman
1998 Willard Thurston
1997 Murray Cleland
1996 Gordon Allen
1995 George Grant