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Garlic Mustard: A Potent Invader

Garlic Mustard rosette. Photo credit, 2013
First-year Garlic Mustard rosette. Photo credit:, 2013.

Why is Garlic Mustard so Bad?

There are lots of reasons why Garlic Mustard is such a threat to native ecosystems. Here are the biggest ones:

Invasive Garlic Mustard plants in bloom. Photo credit David Cappaert,
Mature second-year Garlic Mustard plants in flower. Photo credit: David Cappaert, Michigan State University,

Controlling the Spread of Garlic Mustard

Without chemical solutions to control Garlic Mustard, our only option is to disrupt the Garlic Mustard cycle before the plant sets seed in the spring.

Single Garlic Mustard stalk in flower. Photo credit Hans, 2013,
Garlic Mustard flower cluster. Photo credit J. Greco, MyNature Apps, 2012.
(L-R) Mustard Garlic plant in flower. Photo credit: Hans, 2013.
Detail of Garlic Mustard flower cluster. Photo credit: J. Greco, MyNature Apps, 2012.

What can I Do About Garlic Mustard?

How Can I Identify Garlic Mustard?