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Main Trail Reroute onto
Fox Ridge Nature Reserve

Images of Bruce Trail reroute on Camplin property in Beaver Valley. Photos John Burton 2019.
Photo credits: John Burton, 2019.

The Camplin reroute completed in 2019 is by far the most ambitious trail development project undertaken in the Beaver Valley in the past couple of years. We are really excited about the reroute through the BTC-managed property as it moves part of the main Trail off Fox Ridge Road into the forest. Get an updated map at Trail Changes & Notices.

These results were only possible through a major effort on the part of volunteers from BVC Land Acquisition, Land Stewardship and Trail Development & Maintenance (TD&M) to secure the property and then to route, build and mark the new trail. TD&M’s contribution, led by John Burton, one of our Zone Leaders, consisted of 20 separate days of Working parties; involved 19 different TD&M Flying Squad Volunteers, (many of whom helped with multiple working parties); and provided over 370 hours --nearly 50 days-- of volunteer effort.

Highlights of the Route