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Beaver Valley End-to-End Event

Photo credits: Margaret Yaraskavitch, 2017 and Glenda Collings, 2017.

September 2—3 and September 9—10, 2017

While there are always obstacles to overcome in an End-to-End event, weather was not one of them for the 2017 biennial event. Over two consecutive weekends in September, we had bright skies and warm temps for our biennial event. Forty-five intrepid hikers, hailing from all over southern Ontario and as far away as New York State, completed the Beaver Valley End-to-End.

Hikers enjoyed the trail with many commenting on the beautiful views. And whatp a hike without snacks? There were many, many thank-yous for the delicious snacks provided at the checkpoints. Kudos to our checkpoint volunteers, who outdid themselves with home-baked treats! Yum! Despite some challenging terrain and mud, everyone carried on with only some minor grumbles. Our hikers really earned their event badges!

Congratulations to all participating hikers!