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Congrats to BVBTC Volunteer of the Year!

Jill Smith-Brodie presents Neil McFadgen with Volunteer of the Year Award for outstanding contributions to Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club at the Volunteer and Landowner Celebration. Photo Marg Yaraskavitch 2018.
Photo credit: Marg Yaraskavitch, 2018.

It comes as little surprise that in making such out-sized contributions to the Club that D. Neil McFadgen was recognized as our Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club Volunteer of the Year for 2018 at the recent Volunteer and Landowner Celebration.

Neil is usually one of the first to volunteer for any of the many jobs that need doing on Trail Development and Maintenance (TD&M). He’s a Zone Leader, a member of the grass cutting crew, frequent participant at buckthorn eradication work parties and involved in nearly every Flying Squad project. He’s been a part of many of the teams that build bridges, boardwalks and steps in the Club Section.

He is committed to working jointly with others. For instance, walking along each of the 20 trails in his Zone with each of the Trail Captains (TCs), in order to give the Club a better understanding of our trails and TCs. He’s also quite happy to tackle some jobs quietly on his own initiative, like trail blazing and weed-whipping long grass.

Despite all the hours he puts into the Bruce Trail, Neil spends considerable time assisting other members of his family - something he feels is very important. And he can still find time for golfing or skiing and to participate in almost every organized hike the length of the Bruce Trail.

Neil works hard and plays hard. He brings enthusiasm, humour and total commitment to everything he does, so perhaps the two are one and the same for him. We are very grateful to benefit from so much of Neil’s time and energy.

Thanks so much, Neil, for your dedication to the Bruce Trail!