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   Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club                               November 2017

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Marg & Ken's Excellent End-to-End Adventure

Margaret a-nd Ken complete the Bruce Trail End-to-End at the Southern Cairn in Queenston Heights Niagara Margaret is a Board member and Ken is a Land Steward with the BVBTC. They are pictured as they completed their End-to-End journey at the Trail's Southern Terminus in Queenston Heights, Niagara.


Back from her recent End-to-End trek, Margaret Yaraskavitch will speak about her and husband Ken's journey hiking the entire length of the Bruce Trail, from Tobermory to Niagara. Margaret will share some of their experiences, from people met on the pathway, appreciating flora and fauna, logistical juggling, lessons learned and other challenges, and the joy of walking.

All are welcome to attend this free presentation at the

L.E. Shore Memorial Library
173 Bruce Street South, Thornbury
Thursday, November 30 at 7 pm.



Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club hosts its annual holdiay party December 15. Tickets $32 per person.

Seasonal Schedule Out of Print

Visit the BVBTC website for monthly hiking schedules.

The Fall Season Schedule was our final published regular four-month Hike and Special Activities. The BVBTC will no longer distribute a seasonal schedule with Beaver Tales.

Beginning January 2018, notices for hikes and special activities will only be available on our website or our Facebook page. The website will provide monthly hikes schedules and will be kept up-to-date with any changes or cancellations. A printable format of the month's schedule will be available for download on the website.

Please bookmark the links provided and check the hiking schedule regularly.

Sendero Pacifico Friends in Need

Hurricane Nate inflicted major damage to the Sendero Pacifico Friendship Trail. Buen Amigo Bridge is heavily damaged from the storm.

The Sendero Pacifico in Costa Rica is being be built by local people to link small communities from the mountains of Monteverde to the mangrove swamps of the Gulf of Nicoya on the west coast, a distance of about 80 kms. It is part of a plan to encourage local residents to take up recreational hiking and to attract visiting hikers, conservationists and environmentalists.

The BVBTC has a special relationship with the Sendero Pacifico as a section the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley was twinned with a section of the Costa Rican Trail. Since the establishment of the Friendship Trail in 2015, the BTC has regularly assisted with the continuing development of the Sendero Pacifico.

Our Costa Rican friends are now in need of volunteer help more than ever before. In early October, tropical storm Nate swept through the community and surrounding area causing widespread damage. Bridges were washed away; gaping holes from washouts closed the two roads into San Luis and many homes suffered considerable destruction. The solid metal Buen Amigo suspension bridge, which marks the beginning of the Sendero Pacifico in San Luis and is a critical link between two sections of San Luis, was left hanging by a thread (see photo). A fundraising campaign for building a new bridge will be established before year-end.

Two more working vacations were in process of planning for the end of February and mid-March 2018 when we received news of the situation. We have since been reassured that our help is more important than ever so two groups of 10 BTC volunteers are heading south as planned. Each group includes volunteers from the previous trips plus new volunteers. There are 3 spaces left in the first group and 2 in the second should you wish to lend a helping hand to our Friendship Trail friends.

Contact Ros Rossetti at for more information.

Stewardship Byte

Take care that your car is parked safely off the road when using the Bruce Trail

Parking related to hikers on the Bruce Trail is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. On the rural roads the Bruce Trail crosses, there often is no wide shoulder to allow safe parking. The Trail Guide has ’P‘ symbols to indicate parking spots, but these just mean that there is space to get at least one car completely off the road. It doesn't mean that you can park willy nilly with no regard to safety!

When we seek municipal approval for the purchase of new BTC properties, especially if a severance is involved, parking is the number one issue. Municipal councils are very sensitive to local concerns for safe parking, and in some cases have demanded that we create parking spaces on our own properties. They're also concerned about free movement of sometimes very large farm equipment.

So next time you're on a hike, be sure to park safely, wherever you are - not over the crest of a hill and not blocking the road or driveways. Walk an extra 100 yards if necessary to be safe - after all, you're out there to go for a hike! Fewer parking issues will pay significant dividends for our conservation purchases in the long run.

 - Stew Hilts