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Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club November 2021

Beaver Valley Club Presented with Tom East Award!

Tom East Award presented to Beaver Valley Club representatives
Photo courtesy Bruce Trail Conservancy.

The Tom East Award is given annually by the Bruce Trail Conservancy to a Bruce Trail Club completing the most significant trail project that places the Trail on the Optimum Route or adds a worthwhile new side trail.

The BVBTC was declared the winner of the Award at the recent BTC Annual Meeting for its East Mountain reroute. Thanks to the efforts of a large team of Trail Development & Maintenance volunteers, this major project added 2 km of new trail on the Optimum Route and removed 1.7 km of trail from the road. Two volunteers deserve special mention: John Burton, who lead the whole project; and Jill Smith Brodie, who ensured the positive involvement of the neighbouring landowners.

The reroute was held as an excellent example of intelligent, thoughtful trail design that illustrates all the interesting features of the property. Additionally, the excellent quality of construction and maintenance was noted. For more information about the East Mountain reroute, please see East Mountain: Our Cup Runneth Over in the Fall issue of Beaver Tales.

Hiking Boots on the Trail

Alistair Boulby is a new hike leader for Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club
Photo credit: Glenda Collings.

There are so many important BVBTC volunteer folks who support our beautiful trail here in Beaver Valley. This support starts with new land procurement and continuing landowner relations. It continues with trail building and maintenance. It requires behind the scenes administrative and public relations gurus. This wonderful process leads to a topnotch experience for those of us who want to get our hiking boots on the trail!

We have a small but mighty team of hike leaders who regularly share their expertise on weekly outings that draw locals and visitors alike. Let me introduce you to one of our newest hike leaders who is eager to be part of the BVBTC volunteer force. He has already wet his feet by volunteering at our recent Happy Trails Falling Water Marathon and has proven to be a great ambassador! Welcome Alistair Boulby – we’ll let you introduce yourself.

Hi Everyone! I am pleased to be one of your new hike leaders! I first got into hiking through Cootes Paradise in Hamilton while I was a student at McMaster. What started as a way to get away from my studies, quickly turned into a lifetime love for the outdoors.

Since those first short hikes I’ve gone on to hike the Abes and Essens Trail at Bon Echo Provincial Park, most of the hikes along the Highway 60 corridor in Algonquin and the Top of the Giant Trail at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park as well as spent a number of days on various sections of the Bruce Trail. In addition to hiking I also enjoy backcountry camping, I’ve done multiple portage trips in Algonquin as well as a backpacking trip done in the Queen Elizabeth Wildlands.

I was motivated to start volunteering with the BTC because I want to give back to the trail that has given me so much in the last year as well as help encourage other people to get outside and experience what makes nature so amazing! I’m looking forward to meeting as many people as I can and I hope to see you on one of my hikes soon!

Come Hike with Us!

Our hike leading team would love to have you join us as we experience a variety of locations along the Beaver Valley trail. Here are just a couple of our upcoming hikes to spark your interest. See you on the trail!

Pinnacle Rock in the Beaver Valley
Pinnacle Rock. Photo credit: Lilla Fodor.

November 13 – Chuck Grant Side Trail Loop – Leader Alistair Boulby

We hug the steep valley wall of Mill Creek south to cross a beautifully constructed bridge courtesy of the Meaford 4th Division Canadian Forces Training Centre Engineers. The hike traverses the Pinnacle Rock Nature Reserve, a 130-acre farm donated to the BTC in 2013 by the Richardson family. They have entrusted to the BTC the preservation of this wonderful section of the Niagara Escarpment which includes provincially endangered butternut trees, bobolinks, a wetland, a waterfall and the impressive Pinnacle Rock, a monster piece of rock that has separated itself from the Escarpment. Above this massive site, we hike along the top of the escarpment beside the spectacular Duncan Crevice Caves with their fascinating geology and flora. Surely enough to pique your interest and come along.

Webwood Falls in autumn
Webwood Falls. Photo credit: Lilla Fodor.

November 17 – Fairmount and Siegerman Side Trails Loops – Leader Glenda Collings

The Fairmount Side Trail highlights lovely farmland and a country road trek with autumn views over the valley. We walk through the BTC Webwood Falls property along the top of both sides of a deep ravine with some good views of this pretty falls. A surprise remnant of a previous farm will greet us. The Siegerman Side Trail affords great views across the Beaver Valley and a nearby ravine. It passes the remains of an old homestead and a boulder fence before descending to follow a beautiful babbling brook until we join the main trail. An outing to tempt anyone!

To register for any of our club hikes follow this link If you have any questions please feel free to contact Glenda Collings, Trail Activities Director at

Trail Developments

Parking lot at Blantyre closed until further notice due to muddy conditions
Photo credit: Bob Hann.

Parking Lot at Blantyre Closed

The Blantyre parking lot on Grey Rd 12 is closed until further notice. Nearby roadside parking is available on the south side of Euphrasia-St. Vincent Townline east of the trail access at km 113.6 (Beaver Valley Club) and on 11th Line at km 3.1 (Sydenham Club), The Bruce Trail Reference, Ed. 30, Map 28. There is a maximum of 5 cars permitted at each site. See BTC Trail Changes & Notices for details.

Seasonal Closure at Beaver Valley Ski Club

Effective November 15, the main trail will be closed for ski season between km 79.5 and km 81.1, The Bruce Trail Reference, Map 26. Through-hikers can bypass the property by using the Valley Crossover Side Trail along with the Kimberley Forest Side Trail, that are accessed from the main trail at km 79.5 at the south end of the property and km 83.1 north of the property.

Fall Deer Hunting Advisory

Close up of deer facing forward
Photo credit: Kara Skye, Pixabay.

Deer hunting season in Grey County runs from November 1 to November 6 and from November 29 to December 4.

During both these hunting periods, a section of the main trail, west of Metcalfe Rock, that runs through private property will be closed. Through-hikers can use Chuck Grant Side Trail to bypass the closed trail section. For your safety and out of respect for the wishes of our landowners, please do not venture on any closed trails. See BTC Trail Changes & Notices for details on the trail closure.

Stay Safe While Hiking During Hunting Season