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   Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club                              March 2017

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Trivia Night Fundraiser on Earth Day, April 22

Trivia Night fundraiser for the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club April 22, 7 pm.

Trivia Night is on Earth Day this year, Saturday, April 22 and we will be celebrating our gorgeous planet while having fun and raising money to support the Bruce Trail.

Meaford Community Centre and Arena
151 Collingwood Street West, Meaford

Game start: 7 pm

Maximum 10 players on a team. Single players, couples or small groups welcomed and will join others to create full-sized teams.

Free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available. Cash bar.

Tickets: $25 per person

Contact Joan Nuffield at or 519-599-6470 for tickets or more information.

Baton Passing Event to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the BTC

Collage of images of the historic 30th anniversary baton pass into and from the Beaver Valley Section of the Bruce Trail and the ceromonial baton. Historical images of the 30th Anniversary baton passes into and from Beaver Valley.

During the 30th Anniversary, the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) passed a ceremonial baton along the entire length of the trail. To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, the BTC will have another baton passing event.

A 50th Anniversary baton will be created to journey along the entire length of the Bruce Trail, travelling from Niagara to Tobermory. The baton will make its way along the Bruce Trail, carried by volunteers of each of its Clubs. The baton will be presented to the Niagara Club April 1 and passed onto successive Clubs until it reaches the the northern terminus in Tobermory on June 10, marking the 50th Anniversary of the official opening of the Bruce Trail.

The baton is expected to make its way through the Beaver Valley from May 7 to May 15. BVBTC is planning a series of day hikes for the event, which will average 16 km a day. We hope that you will join us for any of these hikes while we host the baton. BVBTC will post our itinerary once the event (and baton) is nearer. We welcome your ideas (and cameras!) for unusual photos and photo locations from the Beaver Valley, as we move the baton along its journey.

Once the baton reaches Tobermory, the BTC will celebrate with a special outdoor 50th Anniversary Celebration at the northern cairn, followed by lunch, hikes and more!

Join us on this epic journey and help get the word out about the 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Tobermory on June 10. Post your own photos of the 50th Anniversary baton event on on social media and share it with the BTC. Please use #brucetrailbaton to identify posts and photos. Contact Jill Smith-Brodie at for more information.

Help BVBTC Identify Dangerous Trees

Report hazardous trees along the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley to our Club. Photo shows tree with woodpecker holes, tips broken on several limbs and a broken main limb resting on neighbouring trees The BVBTC chainsaw crew is dedicated to provide our Club and visiting hikers with obstruction-free and safe hiking. We will respond promptly to reports of downed or threatening trees. However, we need to know those trees are out there and hikers could do much to help us. If you encounter such a tree that is too large for a trail captain with a hand saw please contact us at or 519-986-4839.

The best reports tell us approximately what kilometre on the hiker’s trail map the tree can be found, plus a brief description, such as “down across the trail”, “broken and hanging above”, or “leaning over the trail”, and a hint of the trunk size.

We are particularly interested in trees like the one in the accompanying photo. They seldom get reported but are very fragile, highly unpredictable, and could be disastrous if they were to fall when hikers are present. We are asking our members to watch overhead for these precarious trees and to report them. They will be removed on a priority basis.

Thank you for helping to care for our spectacular Beaver Valley hiking trails.
 - Blain Horsley 

Spectacular Early Spring Waterfalls!

Ephemeral Waterfall hidden among the branches at km 111 of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley Ephemeral Waterfall, Km. 111

Watch the weather! With our early spring melt, streams are high and waterfalls are at their highest. You have to watch the weather for both safe parking, and to plan your footing - snowshoes or boots? But the next two months are when you'll get the best look at the numerous waterfalls along the Bruce Trail in the valley. You might even see an ephemeral waterfall that dries up later in the summer, and only flows at this time of year (as in the picture above). This one is about a 15 or 20 minute walk on the trail west of the 7th Line.