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   Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club                               March 2018

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A Hiking We Will Go...

Late winter Georgian Bay shoreline at Sunset Point Collingwood. Photo credit I Marinko 2018.

Join Barb Dufton on Wednesday, March 7 in Collingwood as she leads an Urban Snowshoe (or Hike) along the trail skirting the shores of Georgian Bay. The hike begins and ends at the picturesque Sunset Point. Points of interest include the Arboretum and Harbourview Park. Bring your lunch and join us for Soup’s On/Après Soup following the hike.

New hikers are always welcome and membership is not a prerequisite to join our hikes. See the March Hikes Schedule for full details on this month’s organized hikes.

Hooray for Volunteers!

Jason and Dianne are land stewards for the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club. Photo courtesy Jason Petznick. Jason Petznick and Dianne Hamilton. Photo courtesy: Jason Petznick.

Meet Jason and Dianne. This busy pair of young professionals are some of the newest land stewards for BVBTC. Both are avid trail users. Dianne has even hinted that she would also like to become a hike leader for the Club. Jason volunteers with Friends of the Kimberley Forest and has a special interest in multi-use trails. He’s also a freestyle snowboarding judge for Canadian national competitions and provincial championships.

Jason’s first experience on the Bruce Trail was as a camp counsellor taking kids for hikes on the Trail around Beamsville. Dianne’s curiosity was piqued when she discovered a footpath visiting a relative with property adjacent to the Bruce Trail in Acton. They’ve been exploring the Trail ever since. It was during a search for an End-to-End event on the the Bruce Trail website that Dianne stumbled upon the volunteering section. Instead of clicking away after reading the page, Dianne realized the work the BTC does “behind the scenery” to create, maintain and secure the Trail. She saw the need to help and thought “Why not?”

When approached by the BVBTC to steward a property off of Grey Road 40, they did not hesitate to act. Both bring their enthusiasm and can-do attitude to the role. “We’re already out on the trails, so why not do a bit more,” says Dianne of their decision. They’ll soon be out at the property for the spring inspection.

Land Stewards Needed!

Eastern newt (Red Eft). Photo courtesy Bruce Trail Conservancy. Eastern newt (Red Eft). Photo courtesy: Bruce Trail Conservancy.

This spring the Beaver Valley Club will need three new Land Stewards. With resignations and possibly a new property, we will be seeking at least three volunteers. This position in the club involves visiting one of our properties at least twice a year, and providing a written report while watching out for problems such as garbage dumping or trespass issues. This is one time you can leave the trail; in fact you’re encouraged to leave the trail and explore your entire property.

The three properties we currently have in mind are all a significant size and will require some tramping around to do the job. Volunteers who like to get out exploring would be ideal. Full support and instructions on how to do the work will be provided, and you’ll join about 45 other Land Stewards who keep an eye on all the BTC-owned properties in the Beaver Valley.

Contact if you are interested in becoming one of our Land Stewards or want more information about the role.