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   Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club                              June 2017

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Happy Trails, Joëlle!

Joelle Martin takes a turn carrying the relay baton along the Bruce Trail near Fairmount in the Beaver Valley

Setting out on a new bearing, Joëlle Martin is leaving the Beaver Valley.

Her contributions to the BVBTC are long and many. Always willing to get her hands dirty, no job has been too big or too small. Joëlle has been an active Board Director for over 20 years. Her roles on the board have included President, Past President, Secretary, Trail Activities Director as well as our Club Rep on the Bruce Trail Conservancy Board of Directors. She has worked as a Trail Captain and has eagerly volunteered for trail maintenance work parties: blazing, bridge and board walk building, garlic mustard pulling, buckthorn eradication.

Joëlle has left her boot mark on trail development in the Beaver Valley with her work on the Falling Waters Trail. And there's also her work on the Trail Activities Committee, leading many a hike as well as organizing countless badge hikes for the End-to-End and Falling Waters Trail challenges.

We wish Joëlle well on her next adventures, but are also sad to see a long-standing part of our family leave. Let’s send her off in grand BVBTC style! Joëlle leads her final hike at Old Baldy on Saturday, June 17 starting at 3 pm. Please join us for a special potluck picnic to be held in her honour after this hike on the grounds of Kimberley Hall. Hikers can drop off potluck dishes at Kimberley Hall, #235309 Grey Road 13, Kimberley prior to the hike. Donations to the BTC will be accepted in her honour at this event.

Thank you Joëlle for your commitment and dedication to the BVBTC!

Kudos to Garlic Mustard Posse

Volunteers and their efforts from the Garlic Mustard Pull in Loree Forest May 2017. Photo credit: Mike Arkless. Photo credit: Mike Arkless, 2017.

The BVBTC would like to applaud the efforts of everyone who helped the Club with Garlic Mustard pulling in the Beaver Valley this spring. Thank you to volunteers who came out to pull Garlic Mustard from Loree Forest and Old Baldy over the Victoria Day weekend. Thirty-five adults and a toddler pulled the weed out of the Loree Forest on a gorgeous sunny day. Despite a rainy day, we still had 16 hardy adults and five children pulling Garlic Mustard out of Old Baldy. See more pictures of the Garlic Mustard Pull by Mike Arkless.

Our thanks to everyone who aided Trail Captain Art Smith pull Garlic Mustard from the Clarke property June 1 and along the Mac Kirk Side Trail on June 2. And thanks to Joan Nuffield, for spearheading the Garlic Mustard pull events and her efforts in raising awareness about this forest-destroying weed.

Mow, mow mow your trail...

Mowing volunteers are vital in keeping the Trail visible in the growing season

Warm weather and rain can only mean one thing; lots of grass is growing alongside trails. To keep trails visible during the growing season, the BVBTC needs volunteers to help with the mowing. There’s no back-breaking labour, brute strength or special skills required. Volunteers will help load and unload the mower from a trailer, drive the mower and scout for branches and stones ahead of the mower, removing any in its cutting path.

Contact Kelly Killoran if you have any spare mornings and would enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Stewardship Byte

Maple forest in Daphne and Gordon Nicholls Nature Reserve. Photo credit: Stew Hilts. Photo credit: Stew Hilts, 2017.

The newest property acquired by the Bruce Trail Conservancy in the Beaver Valley is the Daphne and Gordon Nicholls Nature Reserve. Consisting of two parcels immediately north of Grey Road 40, it covers the last gap in a stretch of protected land from Webwood Falls to Griersville Rock.

The trail is currently being rerouted to pass through this new acquisition, partly a reforested old field and partly beautiful hardwood Sugar Maple forest. Watch for the new route announcement and check out this newest piece of the Bruce Trail in the valley!

Daphne and Gordon Nicholls were avid hikers from the Waterloo Region. Although Daphne passed away last year, Gordon is taking an active role in helping care for this property, and we welcome his contribution.