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   Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club                               December 2017

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Join the BVBTC for Christmas Cheer!

Join the BVBTC for Christmas cheer December 15. Tickets $32. Reservation deadline December 8.

Trail Angels Give a Lift

Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club runs a drop off-service for hikers. A Trail Angel meets hikers at their car to shuttle hikers to the start of their Bruce Trail hike in the Beaver Valley

There’s always a calculation to perform when hiking on the Bruce Trail: how to return to your car. Many times, you locate a side trail or two to create a circuit. But what about linear routes? Without a second vehicle, you’re left walking back along the same route or along the road.

The BVBTC has a solution for this common dilemma: a drop-off service for hikers on the Trail in the Beaver Valley Section. Hikers in a single vehicle can arrange a shuttle. When confirmed, a Trail Angel meets the hiker(s) at their vehicle, on the appointed date and time. The Trail Angel then drives the hiker(s) to the starting point of their route. Now their vehicle is waiting for them at the finish!

Trail Angels is volunteer-run service run by the BVBTC and there is no charge to use the service. We do request that in lieu of time and gas, you consider making a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Here’s how the program works:

Send a request to Trail Angels at Include:

  • Hike date;
  • Pick up time. No earlier than 7 am please, for our volunteers;
  • Finish point of the hike. State Map # and km from The Bruce Trail Reference: Maps and Trail Guide. This becomes the pick-up location where you meet the Trail Angel.

The BVBTC will verify we have an available Trail Angel and will then confirm the shuttle with the hiker.

Stewardship Byte

Woodford Crevice notice along Bruce Trail reads, The trail passes through a narrow crevice. Consider using bypass if carrying large backpack or if claustrophobic. Crevice bypass 60 meters. Photo Stew Hilts 2017

Many of the properties owned by the Bruce Trail Conservancy and stewarded by the local clubs have some really interesting natural features that are worth exploring rather than walking quickly past. The Woodford Crevice is a great example. On the Sydenham section of the trail, but just west of Meaford, this crevice is announced with a startling sign (above). That might put you off, but it just attracted me!

Dark shadows beyond the narrow entrance to Woodford Crevice which is part of the Bruce Trail in the Sydenham Section west of Meaford Ontario

The trail goes right through the crevice, and is easily accessed by a short walk west from km 44.2 of the Sydenham section. Just after this sign, the trail dips right down into the crevice, which wanders on for 100 feet or so. It’s not very deep and not very claustrophobic, and yet another natural feature that BTC has conserved. And late fall (until snowfall) is a great time to see it. Go ahead - enjoy the little adventure!

 - Stew Hilts