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Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club August 2020

Stew Hilts Honoured with Conservation Award

Stew Hilts honoured with an Ontario Naturee Conservation Award
Photo courtesy Ontario Nature.

Ontario Nature gives annual Conservation Awards in recognition of the work of individuals and organizations in protecting wild spaces and species in Ontario. Among the 10 award recipients for 2019-2020, was our very own Stew Hilts! Stew received the Ontario Nature Achievement Award for his lifelong commitment to conservation and his dedication to helping Ontario Nature to achieve its goals.

Congratulations, Stew!

Eugenia Falls Reroute

Bruce Trail map with reroute of main trail at north end of Eugenia Falls.
© The Bruce Trail Conservancy, 2020. © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2020.

After the injuries of two park visitors at Eugenia Falls, in unrelated events while travelling out-of-bounds, the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) and BVBTC agreed to reroute the trail away from the top of the waterfall. A couple of temporary reroutes were put in place while a permanent route was planned.

Working in some of this summer’s hottest weather, the Beaver Valley Club’s Trail Development and Maintenance team completed the permanent reroute of the Bruce Trail to the north of Eugenia Falls. Our sincerest thanks to Flying Squad members Linda Bertrand, Heather Buscher, Frank Cantoni, Glenda Collings, Bob Fitzjames, Doug Galloway, Bob Hann, Blain Horsley, Neil McFadgen, Joan Nuffield, Lance Pask and Mikael Schaltz, and to John Burton, who spearheaded the effort.

Trail Developments: Flying Squad Gets to Work

BVBTC Flying Squad members build stairs on steep slope of Bruce Trail in Eugenia Falls. Photo Lilla Fodor 2020.
Photo credit: Lilla Fodor, 2020.

Thank you Flying Squad! Members of the Flying Squad were out again at Eugenia Falls for more work on the new section of main trail. They spent the morning building two sets of stairs on a steep slope to keep hikers safe. See more photos of the Flying Squad at work.

New Bruce Trail Reference Now Available

Front cover of The Bruce Trail Reference Maps and Trail Guide edition 30

Our newest Bruce Trail Reference, Edition 30, is published and available for purchase! The members’ price is $34.95. Order online at For those near the Dundas offices of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, curbside pick-up is available during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm) on pre-paid orders made by phone. Call 1-800-665-4453 ext. 0 to order and arrange for a pick-up.

The Bruce Trail App is no longer available for sale (or re-install) on the App Store or Play Store as it is being redesigned. A new and improved Bruce Trail App is expected to be ready by 2021.

For those who have purchased the Bruce Trail App (iOS version 2.2.0 or Android version 1.2.7), the App should continue to function and Trail changes will continue to be incorporated. However, no functional updates will be made to either of these versions.