Beaver Valley Falling Water Trail Event

Photo credit: Margaret Yaraskavitch, 2018

The BVBTC recently held its sixth biennial Falling Water Trail badge event on a warm September day. While the trail was in excellent shape, thanks to the diligence of our trail maintenance team, the route covers 31 km of our most formidable terrain, with lots of ups and downs and variable footing. But Bruce Trail hikers love a challenge! We were very pleased to see lots of new faces among our 68 hike participants. By the end of the event, 54 participants had completed the entire route to earn their Falling Water Trail badges.

We would like to thank our volunteers who helped out at the event and those who supplied delicious baked treats at each of the checkpoints. And thanks to the Beaver Valley Ski club for the use of their parking lot.

Bruce Trail Heroes of the Beaver Valley Given “The Boot”

Mike Osborn receives the BVBTC 2018 Keith Solomon Award. Photo Ros Rossetti 2018.

The Keith Solomon Award honours Keith Solomon, who was instrumental in establishing the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley. His passion for the endeavour persuaded others to share in his vision and join him in blazing this trail. For a man who was tireless in his efforts to build the trail, it is a fitting tribute to have one of his work boots bronzed and mounted, as the embodiment of the Keith Solomon Award.

Since its inception in 1995 by Fred Young and John McCullum, the Award has been granted annually in appreciation of an individual or group who, like its namesake, has made a significant contribution to the improvement or preservation of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley. The recipient this year, Mike Osborn, doesn’t like to brag about his accomplishments. So content is he to quietly go about his work that he was not even in attendance at the AGM to receive the Award. He was chased down “on the job” to receive the Award!

With an aptitude for logistics and organization, Mike spent many a year “behind the scenery” on administrative tasks supporting the work of the Land Steward Director. Early on, Mike recognized the power of information. He not only maintained the properties and Land Stewards database, he expanded it to include trail information, the Club’s volunteer information and the new Land Ambassador’s information systems. His initiative has become an invaluable resource for our Club and is a model for other Bruce Trail Clubs.

Even while devoting countless hours on his labour of love, he devoted time to other needs for the Club, like training new Land Stewards, finding and documenting BTC property boundaries of the over 40 properties under our stewardship and helping with our Club events.

Keith Solomon Award Recipients

2018 Mike Osborn
2017 Joan Nuffield & Bob Hann
2016 Ros Rossetti
2015 John Hollingsworth
2014 Christine Blake & Richardson Family
2013 Jim Horwood
2012 32 Combat Engineer Regiment
2011 Will Overton
2010 Bill McMurray & Fred Young
2009 John McCullam
2008 Joëlle Martin
2007 Ron Spotton
2006 Jack Morgan
2005 Beaver Valley Ski Club
2004 Linda Murray
2003 Shirley & Fred Young
2002 Ann Lis & Jim Couse
2001 Ruth & Bruce Calvert
2000 Chuck Grant
1999 Martin Siegerman
1998 Willard Thurston
1997 Murray Cleland
1996 Gordon Allen
1995 George Grant

Garlic Mustard Posse
Rounds up a Notorious Weed

Taking bagged plants away at Garlic Mustard pull, Loree Forest, May 2017. Photo credit Mike Arkless.
Garlic Mustard pull volunteers pose with their bagged plants, Loree Forest, May 2017. Photo credit: Mike Arkless
Volunteers working at the Garlic Mustard pull, Loree Forest, May 2017. Photo credit: Mike Arkless.
Click to enlarge images. Photo credits: Mike Arkless, 2017.

Our thanks to volunteers who helped to remove an invasive weed at the annual Garlic Mustard pull in the Loree Forest. Learn more about how Garlic Mustard threatens to erase native environments.

Tour the Wodehouse Karst Side Trail

Stew Hilts
Photos © Stew Hilts

Wodehouse Creek disappears into sinkholes in this blind valley

Take a peek at the Wodehouse Karst Side Trail which opened in the spring of 2017.

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