Kudos to Our Keith Solomon Award Winner!

Keith Solomon Award. Bronzed work boot mounted on wood base with bronze plaques affixed, inscribed with annual award winners
Photo credit: Marg Yaraskavitch, 2015.

Since its inception in 1995, the Keith Solomon Award has been granted annually in appreciation of an individual or group who, like its namesake, has made a significant contribution to the improvement or preservation of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley. This year the Club named Jill Smith-Brodie as our Keith Solomon Award winner at our virtual Annual General Meeting. Read more about Jill ...

Congratulations to the BVBTC Volunteers of the Year!

Chainsaw crew works to bring down a hung-up tree safely
Photo credit: Marg Yaraskavitch, 2018.

As part of the virtual Annual General Meeting, the Club honoured the Trail Development and Maintenance’s chainsaw crew as our Volunteers of the Year. Read more about the TD&M chainsaw crew ...

Side Trail Honours BVBTC Trail Blazer!

Bruce Trail blue blaze side trail marker on tree
Photo © Marg Yaraskavitch, 2018.

Stew Hilts first proposed this side trail after his discovery of a beautiful waterfall in the upper Beaver Valley. When the side trail was finally built, the BVBTC named it in his honour. In October, Phase II was completed, turning the side trail into a 1.9 km loop with the main trail. Read more about the Stew Hilts Side Trail ...

Get an updated map at Trail Changes & Notices.

Trail Developments: Flying Squad Gets to Work!

Thank you Flying Squad! Members of the Flying Squad were out again at Eugenia Falls for more work on the new section of main trail. They spent the morning building two sets of stairs on a steep slope to keep hikers safe.