Beaver Valley Club Hikes

Summer hiking trio crosses foot bridge on Bruce Trail. Copyright Doug Burlock 2018
Photo © Doug Burlock, 2018.

Hiking happens in the Beaver Valley in all seasons. The Club runs organized hikes weekdays and weekends. New hikers are welcome to join any of the Club’s organized hikes. Bruce Trail protocols during COVID-19 require Bruce Trail membership to participate. See Bruce Trail for membership details.

Hikes vary in length and level of difficulty; most are moderately-paced. Terrain and walking-speed are indicated for all organized hikes. Review the Hike Rating System. Hike participants must be able to complete the specified length of the hike within their own ability or with help from their own support person within the time allowed. Check Participant Guidelines to arrive prepared to hike.

Hikes Schedule

While COVID-19 protocols apply, special guidelines are in place and will be posted for hikers to read when they register for a hike.

The hikes schedule is available online only. Check back regularly for updates to scheduled activities. Hikers are encouraged to register with the hike leader. In the case of a hike cancellation the leader will notify hikers who have registered and will not go to the meeting place on the day of the hike.

GPS coordinates with a link to Google Maps are included to assist hikers to meet locations. See Using GPS to understand it’s limitations in the Beaver Valley.

Print schedules using the print function of the web browser. Click List view to print full details on each month’s hikes.

Using GPS

Important! Google Maps prioritizes fastest and shortest routes. In rural areas of the Beaver Valley, this may include sections that are not winter-maintained or road allowances that are not suitable for automobiles. Avoid following routes that take unmaintained roads or roads too narrow for two lanes of traffic.

This is true for routes west from Grey Rd 7 in the Beaver Valley to the top of the Niagara Escarpment, such as Sideroad 13A, north of Kimberley, and Sideroad 16C, south of Epping. Access these meet locations from 7th Line only. Be aware that sections of Sideroad 7A west from Grey Rd. 7 and Sideroad 7B east from Grey Rd. 13 (north of Kimberley) have no winter maintenance.

Participant Guidelines

While COVID-19 protocols apply, special guidelines are in place and will be posted for hikers to read when they register for a hike.

  1. All kms. mentioned are according to maps in Edition 29 of The Bruce Trail Reference.
  2. Please arrive 10 minutes before start of hike.
  3. Participants are expected to wear appropriate attire for the weather and the terrain. In summer, sturdy footwear is necessary. In winter, snowshoes or icers/crampons are needed when conditions dictate. It is a good idea to bring these items if there is snow on the ground and the hike leader will advise you as to the best footwear for the day. Hiking poles are a good idea in any season, especially if the terrain is rocky or slippery. Wearing appropriate clothing and footwear prevents injuries and shows consideration for a safe and positive group hiking experience.
  4. Always carry I.D. and your health card.
  5. For spring and summer hikes bring sunscreen, insect repellent and water.
  6. Please leave dogs at home.

Hike Rating System

Terrain (T): Easy: Mostly flat and good footing
Moderate: Some hills and/or some poor footing
Strenuous: Hilly with steep climbs and some poor footing
Pace (P): Leisurely: 3 km/hr or less Medium: 3-4 km/hr
Brisk: 4-5 km/hr Fast: 5+ km/hr