Cross Country Ski Trails in the Beaver Valley

Snowy bridge with cross country ski tracks
Photo credit: Lilla Fodor, 2019.

For hikers who would like a change of pace in the winter we have some great cross country ski opportunities in Beaver Valley along our trail system.

Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club

Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club (BVNSC) offers over 10 kms of groomed, track-set cross country ski trails as well as snowshoe trails. The trailhead is located in the upper back parking lot of the Beaver Valley Ski Club parking lot with the trails traveling along the top of the escarpment, crossing and for a short section joining the Wodehouse Karst Side Trail.

These trails are relatively flat, with a few hills, and are suitable for beginner or leisurely skiers. Please note that as these are groomed trails, no dogs allowed on the ski trails. Hikers and snowshoers are also asked to please stay well off to the side of the groomed tracks.

BVNSC offers memberships at a very modest price as well as welcoming day pass skiers, payable at the trail head or prepaid on their web site. For more information, day passes and maps, see Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club.

Kolapore Wilderness Trails

Kolapore Wilderness Trails offers a 50km network of rugged backcountry wilderness ski trails in the Kolapore Uplands, travelling across the top of Metcalfe Rock and through the Duncan Nature Reserve, crossing and for short sections joining parts of the main Bruce Trail as well as the Chuck Grant Side Trail.

These un-groomed trails are more suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers, although one part of the trail system has easier trails. In winter, the Kolapore trails are for cross country skiing only - please no walking, snowshoeing, biking or dogs.

The main access is from the Grey Road 2 parking lot 6 km south of Ravenna, however a map is a MUST as this is an extensive network of trails. Like the Bruce Trail, there no is charge for use of the trails, but donations or memberships are appreciated. For more information and map availability, see Kolapore Trails.