Collect Hiking Badges

The Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club holds a number of hiking events to challenge and inspire anyone who considers themselves a hiker. Some of the events are organized hikes and others can be completed by independent hikers on self-guided routes.

Self-guided hikers who keep a record of completed badge hikes can opt to purchase the hike badge once the required trails have been successfully navigated. Mail in your log with your name and address, and a cheque in the amount of $5.00 payable to the BVBTC: Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club, P.O. Box 3251 Meaford, ON N4L 1A5.

End-to-End Badges

Apple badge for end-to-end completion of main trail of Beaver Valley section

Independent hikers can earn the Beaver Valley Apple End-to-End badge by keeping a log of their hikes as they walk the entire length of the white-blazed main trail (114.3 km) in the Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail.

Beaver Valley badge awarded to registerd participants who complete the End-to-End in the biennual event The Beaver Valley End-to-End badge (right) is awarded to registered participants who complete the biennial Beaver Valley End-to-End event held over two weekends around Labour Day. Check Beaver Valley End-to-End for details of the 2017 event.

Falling Water Trail Badges

The Falling Water Trail is a 30.4 km loop which includes the Valley Crossover Side Trail and the Campbell’s/Graham’s Hill Side Trail (Map 26). These side trails are to be connected by hiking the main trail on the east and west sides of the valley.

Falling Water Trail badge for completion of Falling Water loop in one day

The Falling Water badge is awarded to individuals who hike the challenging loop in one day either independently or by participating at the official biennial event. The next Falling Water event is in the fall of 2018. Event details will be available next spring.

Falling Water triangle badge for completion of Falling Water loop in a year

The Falling Water triangle badge (right) is available to hikers who complete the Falling Water Loop in 2 or more hikes in a year.

Beaver Bites Badge

Beaver Bites badge for completion of all Beaver Bites challenges

The Beaver Bites badge is awarded to hikers who complete a route using side trails in the Beaver Valley Section. Keep a hike log and complete the Beaver Bites Hikes on your own initiative.

Snowshoe Adventure Badge

Snowshoe badge for completion of winter activities

This badge is awarded to individuals who complete each of the Snowshoe Adventure Activities set out in the Winter Activities schedule.