Hiking the Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is made possible with the help of local landowners who grant the Bruce Trail Clubs and its hikers access to their properties. Please see the Bruce Trail Hikers’ Trail Users Code to review trail etiquette and understand the route blazes.

With some exceptions, use of the majority of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley Section is suitable for foot traffic only. No wheelchair accessible trails fall within the Beaver Valley Club boundary.

Metcalfe Rock viewpoint along Bruce Trail overlooks colourful autumn forest in Beaver Valley

Intermittent Logging along Bruce Trail

Since the spring, there is an ongoing logging operation on private land affecting the main trail between km 40.3 and km 41.0, near McCluskey’s Rock . (See Map 25: Kolapore Uplands.) Due to wet conditions, logging activity has been extended into the summer/fall. Be aware that the trail is muddy and torn up. Take care when hiking in this area. Stay at least 100m away from logging operations.

Trail Angels

If you are a solo hiker or hikers in a single car and need assistance to get to the start of your hike we can help you out. In lieu of compensation for gas and time a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy would be gratefully accepted.

Send your request to trailangels@beavervalleybrucetrail.org . Once we receive your email we will contact you to confirm that a trail angel is available. Please include the following information in your email: