Solar and Star-Gazing at Carr Observatory

Daytime solar observing with a telescope. Photo credit James4 Solar observing with a telescope. Photo credit: James4,

Solar Observing

June 2

On June 2 join us for a 30-minute presentation on the sun, followed by safe observing through several solar telescopes, a “hike” from the sun to Neptune, and for those interested in photography a chance to use your smartphone to photograph the sun using a solar telescope.

Cost: $10. per person.

Night Sky Star-Gazing

September 29

On September 29 (September 30 as rain/cloud date) experience a night-time astronomy presentation, a laser guided tour of the constellations, and then viewing of objects up in the night sky through large telescopes. Highlights will be Saturn and the Moon, and a plethora of other objects. A telescope will be set for photographers to snap a picture of the Moon or Saturn.

Cost: $10. per person.

Register with Glenda Collings 519 694 7691 for one or both of these events. Further details will be sent to registrants.

Bruce Trail Conservancy 50th Anniversary baton relay badge for volunteer baton carriers

50th Anniversary Baton Relay in Beaver Valley

From hand-to-hand, hiker-to-hiker, a ceremonial baton is travelling the length of the entire Bruce Trail this spring in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Bruce Trail.

Volunteers from each of the 9 Bruce Trail Clubs are carrying the 50th Anniversary Bruce Trail Baton in sequence from south to north - ensuring it travels along the Trail by volunteer power, until it arrives in Tobermory in time for the BTC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on June 10th. The Bruce Trail Conservancy has commissioned an Anniversary badge for volunteers assisting in this historic event.

Momentum is building as the baton moves closer to us here in Beaver Valley! If you would like to participate (and earn the coveted 50th Anniversary badge!) in one of our 9 hikes (May 7 – 15) please read the information below, choose a day from the chart and register with Glenda Collings at or 519 694 7691.

Each hike will be lead by a BVBTC hike leader. Hikes range in length from 6.3 -15.5 km. You will be sharing the carrying of the baton with other hikers in the group as the hike moves along. The hike pace will be “medium” (3-4 km/hr), hikes will continue rain or shine. It is the Bruce Trail! Terrain may range from easy to strenuous during a hike. Hikers will sign a waiver of liability at the start of the hike.

All hikes are linear so will involve a car shuffle from the end to the start of the hike. In consideration of other hikers, no dogs please.

You have three options:

Important Hiker Notes:

Wear sturdy footwear, dress for the weather, arrive 10 minutes before start of hike, carry I.D. and health card, bring sunscreen and insect repellant, bring water, snacks/lunch.

For more information, visit BTC Anniversary Baton Relay

Date Start End Distance Meeting Place *
May 7
11:00 a.m.
0.0 13.5 13.5 Map 24: South of km 13.5 on the west side of 6th Line north of Grey Rd 119
May 8
9:30 a.m.
13.5 27.0 13.5 Map 25: km 27.9 100 m south of where the main Trail crosses the 10th Line on the east side
May 9
9:30 a.m.
27.0 42.1 15.1 Map 25: km 42.1 Old Baldy Conservation Area. Enter parking lot from Sideroad 7B
May 10
9:30 a.m.
42.1 56.2 13.3 Map 26: km 56.2 Grey Sauble Cons. Eugenia Falls parking lot, Palliser St. off County Rd 13
May 11
63.3 7.1 Map 26: Km 63.3 Hogg’s Falls Parking Lot, west side of Lower Valley Rd, about 750 m north of East Back Line
May 12
9:30 a.m.
63.3 77 13.7 Map 26: km 77 Beaver Valley Ski Club upper parking, Windy Lane Dr.
May 13
9:30 a.m.
77 92.5 15.5 Map 27: km 92.5 John Muir Epping Lookout: Grey Road 7, 300 m north of Sideroad 19
May 14
9:30 a.m.
92.5 107.5 15 Map 28: km 107.5 on the shoulder of Euphrasia-St. Vincent Townline
May 15
9:30 a.m.
107.5 113.8 6.3 Map 28: km 113.8 east side of Grey Road 12 just south of the trail crossing
* All hikers to meet at end of hike for a carpool.