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Bruce Trail forests in Beaver Valley are at their best in the fall. Photo Marg Yaraskavitch 2014.
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Three Cheers for Annual Christmas Celebration!

Link Christmas party poster. Join the festivities! Annual BVBTC Christmas event December 7. St Georges Church Hall Clarksburg. Doors open 6 pm. Tickets in advance. $35.
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Falling Water Badge Hikes October 2 & 3

Congrats to Lilla, our Volunteer of the Year!

Lilla Fodor receives Volunteer of the Year Award from Kelly Killoran at Volunteer and Landowner Celebration event.Photo Marg Yaraskavitch 2019.
Photo credit: Marg Yaraskavitch, 2019.

As part of the recent Volunteers and Landowners Celebration event, the Club honoured Lilla Fodor as our Volunteer of the Year. Read more about Lilla ...

Main Trail Reroute onto Fox Ridge Nature Reserve!

Images of Bruce Trail reroute on Camplin property in Beaver Valley. Photos John Burton 2019.
Photo credits: John Burton, 2019.

The Camplin reroute completed in 2019 is by far the most ambitious trail development project undertaken in the Beaver Valley in the past couple of years. We are really excited about the reroute through the BTC-managed property as it moves part of the main Trail off Fox Ridge Road into the forest. Read more about the Reroute ...

Get an updated map at Trail Changes & Notices.

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