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Bruce Trail side trail passes through cedar grove at Old Baldy
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Just opened Bruce Trail parking lot with with parking signage and volunteer's vehicle with riding mower on trailer
Photo credit: Bob Hann, 2021.

New BTC Parking Lot at Blantyre!

The Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club is very pleased to announce the opening of a much needed new parking lot for up to 9 cars. The lot is located on a newly acquired BTC property on the east side of Grey Road 12, 60 metres north of the existing 2-car roadside parking at km 119.9 on Map 28 of The Bruce Trail Reference, Edition 30 — where the Beaver Valley Section ends and the Sydenham Section begins.

The existing 2-car location will remain open until the planned trail reroutes are implemented.

The parking lot is for Bruce Trail hikers only. No overnight parking. The lot is closed from 10 pm to 6 am. Please take your litter and garbage out with you.

Picking Garlic Mustard in the Beaver Valley

Mature second year garlic mustard plants in flower
Mature second year plants in flower. Photo credit: Chris Evans, University of Illinois,

Dear Garlic Mustard Volunteers in the Beaver Valley,

I know you all eagerly look forward to Garlic Mustard picking season as much as I do!

Unfortunately, for the moment in 2021 in Ontario, health regulations forbid us at the moment from calling picking "parties", which always involve both butter tarts and lots of good companionship. After May 20, though, hopefully we will have further word.

In the meantime, I see that Garlic Mustard is rearing its aromatic head in our Valley. I have already picked some second-year plants on our own property as well as on the Clarke property. So -- if you have picked before, and feel comfortable enough with your spotting and picking skills, please feel free to form a "household picking squad" and make it a household outing to a spot near home -- the BTC has endorsed a 30-kilometre trek from home to a picking spot as regulations-compliant.

If you have picked before in the Valley, you know where we usually attack this devil, so go for it -- but if you do, could you be so kind as to let me know, for our records? Thanks. We keep an eye on our progress from year to year, in order to do a better job in future.

If you have not picked before, I hope to see you after May 20 to help you distinguish GM from wild violets and a host of other native plants, kill some varmints, eat some butter tarts, and seize the rest of the season.

I'll be in touch again after May 20. Stay sane!

Joan Nuffield

early garlic mustard leaves in first year
Early leaves of first year garlic mustard plants. Photo credit: Ember, Field Botony,

Hiking Guidelines to Keep Us All Safe and Healthy

Hikers maintain social distancing while on trail
Photo credit: Irena Marinko, 2021.

Stay Local

Plan Ahead

Stay Home if You are Unwell

Practice Physical Distancing

Respect Closures of any Trail or Facility

Expect No Facilities

Leave No Trace

Beaver Valley Flying Squad Sprucing Up the Trail

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